Great participation at Student's Association Conference

The Student's Association Conference is organized every year at universities in Hungary, under this programme students compete their research work with each other in different fields of studies. 

Our research group performed excellently in this year's conference at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Fanni Hajdú 1. award  - supervisors Gergely Nagy & Lívia Marton

Gergely Tihanyi 2. award - supervisors Hajnalka Pálinkás & Gergely Róna 

Viktória Herczeg prize of merit award - supervisor Kinga Nagy 

Gergely Takács prize of merit award - supervisor Ildikó Scheer 

Congratulation for their great preformance to all of them and their supervisors!


Our recent review in a BBA Special Issue

Kinga Nyíri and Beáta Vértessy recently published a review in Science for Life Special Issue of BBA General Subjects about the

Perturbation of genome integrity to fight pathogenic microorganisms.

The review summarizes the current advances of thymidylate biosynthesis inhibition in challenging pathogens.

Resistance against antibiotics is unfortunately still a major biomedical challenge for a wide range of pathogens responsible for potentially fatal diseases.

Scope of review
In this study, we aim at providing a critical assessment of the recent advances in design and use of drugs targeting genome integrity by perturbation of thymidylate biosynthesis.

Major conclusion
We find that research efforts from several independent laboratories resulted in chemically highly distinct classes of inhibitors of key enzymes within the routes of thymidylate biosynthesis. The present article covers numerous studies describing perturbation of this metabolic pathway in some of the most challenging pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Plasmodium falciparum, and Staphylococcus aureus.

General significance
Our comparative analysis allows a thorough summary of the current approaches to target thymidylate biosynthesis enzymes and also include an outlook suggesting novel ways of inhibitory strategies.

 Nyiri Fig1 Nyiri Fig3




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