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Single wavelength SuperNova system


  • Hi-flux copper (Cu) micro-focus X-ray source (Nova high intensity sealed tube)

  • Fast CCD detectors (Eos): active area of 92 mm diagonal, suitable for protein and small molecule crystallography (allows <1Å resolution)

  • 4-Circle KAPPA goniometer: maximum flexibility to orient the sample in reciprocal space, allows full access to the sample for mounting, cooling or annealing

  • CryojetHT cooling device: open flow nitrogen gas blower to cool the samples (stream between 90-490K), autofill system (the Cryojet dewar is automatically replenished during runs)

  • AirCooler radiator: up to 25°C

  • User friendly software: options for fully automatic, semi-automatic and fully manual modes of operation, concurrent data processing and reduction with AutoChemmodule





Mosquito crystallization robot


  • Small protein volumes (down to 25nL)

  • No risk of cross contamination

  • Cost savings and expansive screening

  • Automated hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch and seeding or additive

  • Screening 96-well plate preparation

  • Several multi-component drops per well







Crystal imaging system

  • Leica digital microscope DM500: pre-focused, precentered condenser, EZTube™ preset diopter

  • ICC50 HD digital camera (3.1 megapixels): fit between observation tube and tripod